The Ditchburn Mk2R Music Maker 30 by Rob’s Jukebox Restorations
MK2R Music Maker 30 play 7” 45rpm Jukebox
During the late 1950s the 7” 45rpm single became more and more popular, most of Ditchburn’s original MK2 jukeboxes that were still situated in cafés around the UK, were still using the 10” 78rpm disks, Geoffrey Ditchburn was a man that was known to be very careful with his money and and in 1958, rather than replacing his still good but dated 78 jukeboxes with brand new 45rpm machines, he decided to convert the MK2 78rpm Jukeboxes into the MK2R ( the R standing for Refurbished ) this conversion actually was quite complex as the player mechanism was totally rebuilt from a 16 disk 78rpm unit to a 30 disk 45rpm unit, the cabinets were cut down and a new top was added to make them look more in keeping with the latest USA machines. The Extensive Restoration below was done by Robin Colvill of “Robs Jukebox Restorations” for a customer, the original jukebox was missing some components including the amplifier and also the fibreglass top and sides had deteriorated and needed to be totally rebuilt from scratch.
When The Jukebox arrived at Robs workshop it was in pretty poor condition, the broken fibreglass top and player mechanism was removed and the metal trims and plates were removed from the box for cleaning and polishing.
The original Amplifier was missing and had at sometime been replaced by a cassette tape player and power supply
Rob had to replace the plywood side panels and windows
The Player mechanism was stripped down and the record trays removed for cleaning and polishing.
The pin-bank unit that selects the required record for playing was removed and cleaned and the brass pins polished and checked for conductivity.
The Player mechanism and frame was stripped cleaned and parts painted
The cabinet was masked in areas and then a coat of primer was applied, before being painted in its glorious final colour.
The metal trim was polished to a fantastic shine and refitted to the cabinet.
The Front and side windows were re-fitted along with the florescent tube assembly and cabinet roof
A new plywood back door was made and painted black, the player mechanism was tested and fitted back into the cabinet
The credit unit that remembers the amount of coins inserted was fully rewired and refurbished
Rob had totally remade the title strip holder to match the new colour scheme of the jukebox.
The finished machine looks superb, and although the original amp was missing, Rob managed to replace the amp with a Beam Echo valve mono amplifier of exactly the same era.
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