The Juke-Boxes
The Ditchburn Serial Number Database
As an Historical reference website, one of the things we would love to know is how many Ditchburn Jukeboxes are left in the world and what the serial number is of the machines that are still out there. It helps us build a bigger picture of how many were made and where they have ended up. If you you own a Ditchburn please help us by sharing the serial number and location of the machine, We wont publish or keep any personal information ( unless you want us to ) Please use the contact us button below to send us your machine info and help preserve the history of Ditchburn.
On the early Ditchburn Mk1, MK2 and Mk2R the serial Number can be found Stamped on the chassis under the record stack.
On the Tonomat’s the serial number is stamped into the wooden cabinet .