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1959. The Ditchburn Music Maker Panoramic P200
Photo Ref: DB083
Photo Ref: DB101 Courtesy of Abigail Hudlass-Galley
Photo Ref: DB102 Courtesy of Abigail Hudlass-Galley
Below are photos sent to us by Abigail Hudlass-Galley of her 1959 Ditchburn Music Maker Panoramic which will start restoration shortly.  
Ditchburn Equipment Ltd, Dock Rd Lytham, Lancashire, UK
Model Number
Ditchburn Music Maker Panoramic 200 Selection, Imported Machine from Tonomat in Germany, with Ditchburn branding
Years of Manufacture
Quantity Manufactured
78 / 45 rpm
45 rpm
220v - 240v AC
Amplifier Type
Klein & Hummel TS-60 : 2x ECC 83, 2x ECF 80, 4x EL 86 Rectifier: 2x OY 5069 or Klein & Hummel TS-65: 2x ECC 83, 2x ECF 80, 4x EL 86 3x rectifier BY104
Mono / Stereo
Mono P200 and Stereo P200S
Size H x W x D Kg
154 x 84 x 70 cm; 120 kg