The Juke-Boxes
2.The Jack Hylton Mk2 Music Maker “Fridge”
Photo Ref: DB075 Courtesy of Freddy Bailey
Photo Ref: DB111 Courtesy of KD
Hawtin’s Novelty Co. Preston New Road Blackpool UK.under, Jack Hylton Music Maker Ltd
Model Number
MK2 Jack Hylton Music Maker 16 selection Simplex Mechanism, Console / Hide-away version, No visible mechanism, Plays one side only. can be used with a wall box.
Years of Manufacture
1946 -1947
Quantity Manufactured
78 / 45 rpm
78 rpm
200v to 250v AC 50Hz
Amplifier Type
Amplifier made by BTH. British Thomson-Houston Co Ltd, Aldwych, London 2x PX4
Mono / Stereo
Size H x W x D