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  Music Maker at Terra Technica + Tour By Karl Dawson
Whilst   searching   through   the   Internet      recently   i   came   across   a   photo   of   a   very   nice   example   of      a   MK2   Music   maker that   was   on   display   at   the   Terra   Technica   Museum   in   the   Excalibur   City   complex,   in   Chvalovice   -   Czech   Republic.   the Museum   has   one   of   the   biggest   Jukebox   displays   in   the   world   (   if   not   the   biggest   )   instantly   i   decided   i   needed   to   visit     this   amazing   place      and   booked   a   flight   for   February   2019   for   a   birthday   treat   for   myself.   I   contacted   Gábor   Varga   at Terra   Technica   and   asked   permission   if   i   could   use   the   photo   of   the   MK2   on   this   website,   well   it   was   a   wonderful surprise   when   they   sent   me   a   tour   of   the   museum   and   also   some   detailed   inside   and   out   custom   shots   of   the Ditchburn   MK2   on   display.         We   will   start   with   the   Mk2   Music   Maker   photos   and   then   we   will   take   the   Museum   tour along with some info about the place. Enjoy …… For more info please click on and visit
The   world   largest   Museum   of   Jukeboxes   and   Pinball   machines   dedicates   a   special   theme   of   the   daily   life   .   Coin operated   Machines   only   for   entertainment   ,Chill   out   and   gambling   .   The   older   generation   watch   this   with   a   big   portion of   suspicion.   Today   they   are   relics   from   a   forgotten   era   and   they   becomes   a   new   life   at   Terra   Technica.   Small   technical wonders   at   work   with   mechanical   ,electrical   or   electronic   life   inside.   About   700   items   from   between   1890   to   2018 presents a complete summery of the development from a automatic music machine, Start   a   Time   Travel   tour      on   8500   sqm   through   a   special      Experience   World   .   In   6   Sectors   You   find   a   exciting   ,colourful World. TT   characterized   a   special   cultural   development   from   1890   to   the   present   day.   With   700   Jukeboxes,   250   Pinball machines and 500 Video- and Computer games ,Terra technica is unique worldwide. Additionally   -to   all   eras   -there   are   special   Collectibles   which   bring   your   Childhood   dreams   to   life   and   make   adults   to children again .For example : The actual Batmobile from the 1989 Movie and a lot of Superheros.
Ronald "Ronnie" Seunig  (born1964) Owner     and     Creator     of     Terra     Technica     shows     his "magnificent   technical   Collection   and      Know   How"   to   the public     worldwide.     Over     the     last     20     years     he     has accumulated      the   worlds   most   comprehensive   Collection of    Jukeboxes.    He    did    the    majority    of    restoring    and repairing    personally        and    he    knows    each    screw    and technology   from   these   music   machines.   The   thoughts   of the   Inventors   and   the   practical   implementation   fascinates him every time. Ask   Ron   for   his   Collection   Target      --then   You   hear   "   1001 "   jukeboxes      ..then   i   will   be   satisfied   the   Rolling Stones once said : I cant get no Satisfaction ! In   2006   Ron   met   Guenter   Freinberger   and   found   a   rare Expert    and    Fan    for    the    same    Collection    Hobby    .They became   big   friends   and   Guenter   became   a   partner   of Terra   technica   .   Together   they   have   a   unique   experience for   the   world   of   exceptional   collectables   from   a   wide   time frame   to   be   enjoyed   by   all   visitors   .Who   also   loves   this kind of technology .
Guenter Freinberger (born 1961)   Had   as   a   altar   boy   his   first   contact   with   a   pinball   machine. He   loves   this   game   and   the   sound   and   colours   of   the machine   and   then   he   started   to   collect   jukeboxes   and Pinball machines very early as a young technician. After   selling   his   company   (   Digi   Technik   ),   he   devoted himself   entirely   to   his   passion   and   took   over   complete collections worldwide for his Pinball Private Foundation. Today     Guenter     (Pindigi)     owns     about     570     pinball machines   and   70   Jukeboxes   with   a   lot   of   rare   games   and other   oddities.      With   Ron   Seunig   and   Terratechnica   he found    a    Friend    and    a    place    ,where    his    life    dreams becomes reality.